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Hag - Entity Of Protection and Vengeance - Personal Spell Caster Who Makes Magick Manifest


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Today I offer a Hag who is an extremely powerful warrior...She is always watchful and always victorious. Just having her with you is enough to deter evil from entering your life...She brings feelings of safety and comfort. 

In true form she is 6'1" tall, has long black hair, ivory skin, dark brown eyes, and looks to be about 20 years old. She will most often manifest as tapping sounds, temperature changes, shimmering gray orbs, and moving shadows.

About the Hag...A Hag is a entity of great magick and she readily uses when asked. They are loyal and completed dedicated to their keeper.

She is a warrior, a companion and a family guardian. No evil spirit nor person will enter you life and if they try she will deal swift justice. 

She is able to get justice and still keep the balance so no bad karma befalls you.

One of the best qualities a Hag has is her ability to enhance spell work. She can boost any spell. She can also aid in spell casting. She can add huge amounts of energy to any spell you cast for your personal use or your blood ties (family).

She can give energy to weak entities. In some cases raising their power up one level! 

She is the protector of her keeper. Any evil entity or bad energy will be banished. Any curses will be broken and sent back to the one who sent them. Her justice is swift and can range from nightmares to psychic attacks. Whoever has wronged you or hurt you will be punished. Misery, sadness, regret, loss, nightmares and terrifying days await them. She will only act on your command. She will not ever act with haste. The only time she will act without your say is if it is something unseen to you. 

A Hag by far possesses some of the greatest karma magick...She will bring about great chaos until that person rights his or her wrongs. 

A hag is not evil and never harms an innocent person. They do not scare children or pets and are not chaotic. To you and your family she will be a caring entity who is very loyal 

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, dreams, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a pendant

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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