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Level 7+ Male Giwoitis - No Fail Guardian Of Home, Family, and Pets.


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Today we offer a level 7+ male Giwoitis who was conjured 5 months ago just for our site. He was conjured by us to be a powerful warrior who is able to banish all evil, including unbound demons and unbound chaos entities. He will not banish any DA entities you keep. He knows who means to harm or hinder you.

This race can shape-shift and will often manifest as a small animal you find appealing. You will also see moving shadows, glowing mists, and feel slight temperature

For those of you unfamiliar with this race.... A Giwoitis is a household spirit that guards the keeper's home and everything (and everyone) in it. They even protect pets and any lower level spirits/entities you keep.

You will never have to fear for the safety of those in your home when he is standing guard. He can spot danger from a mile away and will quickly remove it! He will often remove evil before you even know it's near. He is on top of everything and will miss nothing.

The things that he keeps you safe from are numerous… Evil unbounds, energy thieves, bad luck and all any negative spirit or entity.

He deflect and break all curses and hexes.

People who enter your home will have their negative energy washed away. By doing this, he ensures that your life is filled with positive and well-meaning people. He will only allow people into your life that uplift you and bring you happiness.

He can alert you of any danger through emotions and telepathy. He can warn you of dishonest people and alert you when anyone wishes to harm your happiness!

Asides from these things he offers his keeper cleansing, attraction of positive energy, uplift in mood and aid in lucid dreaming.

He communicates best through emotions, visions, dreams, during meditation, a pendulum and telepathy.

His current vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

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