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Commander Male and Female Aralez Pair - Solves Love Problems, Returns Lost Love, & Possess Minor Healing Abilities

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Today we offer a bonded pair of Commander Aralez! Their rank is equal to a King and Queen, they even command a court of over 400 Aralez.

These are very loyal and attentive entities...The Aralez possesses the ability to truly love their keeper...These two will protect, comfort, and bless you.

In true form the male is beautiful white wolf like creature with black eyes. The female is also wolf like and has a brilliant red coat and amber eyes. They will often manifest as warmth, the scent of lavender, and small bright white lights. 

About this race....

An Aralez is one of the best healing entities. They offering spiritual, some emotional and physical healing. 

The can offer minor healing of aches and pains. Mend broken hearts and even heal some emotional problems.

They offering soul healing.

They can calm nerves and ease worries. 

They possess regenerating powers...They work to renew life, rebuild life and restore a positive balance to the home they reside in.

They help ignite passion in relationships

They are even powerful enough to return lost love or lost friends.

They also make excellent, loyal, and devoted companions...Their vary energy promotes happiness and boost positive energy. blujay76

They can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions and a pendulum.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Their current vessel is a adjustable ring with small red stone chips.

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