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Kinara - Offers Peace, Positivity, and Emotional Comfort - Angelic Magickal Healer and Guide


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Today I am excited to offer a newly conjured female kinara! If you some peace and positivity in your life she is perfect for you...She is excellent at removing negative energy and attracting in positive energy! 

In true form she manifest as a beauty young women with gray eyes, waist length blonde hair, and fairy skin. She will manifest as mists and the scent of lavender.

About the Kinara....

The Kinara is a white art race of elegant beings who bring their keeper healing and happiness. They are ideal for the keeper who feels like they are missing something in life. They can draw in positive aspects that their keeper is in need of. 

She is a gifted healer who can help make her keeper feel whole again. She has succeeded in removing feelings of sadness, apprehension, fear, anger, and stress. Your new Kinnara works to dispel these negative emotions. Once you have sealed a bond with her, you will find yourself feeling free!

The negative emotions that she removes are replaced with feelings of happiness, comfort, hope and excitement. This alone can be life-changing! 

This race is ideal for restoring harmony into a person’s life. If your life has been impacted by loss, fighting, trauma, or negative people; she will work to set these wrongs right and restore balance! She can ease tensions between you and others, help restore friendships, and cleanse your home of negativity!

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, and during meditation. 

Her current vessel is bead

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you for looking!

She is not to replace medication or a doctor. Protection Status