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Level 7+ Female Warrior Elf - Banishes Evil, Protects Home and Family

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Today I offer a female Warrior Elf!


She is a wonderful elf who is active, friendly and devoted. 

She is a beautiful elf with fierce features, black hair, pale skin and baby blue eyes. Her orb is a brilliant red color and often shimmers so brightly it puts out it's own light.


Not many people know just how powerful a warrior elf is. There is not much that can beat one...They will take on any form of evil, be it human or spirit and chances are they will banish it fast!


Nothing will get past her, nothing! She has proven to a expert at banishing evil and keeping negative people away. 


Towards you and your loved ones she is outgoing, loyal, sweet, hardworking and offers a lot magick! She also will work well with all your entities, she is respectful and will even wish to work in harmony with them.


What a Warrior will bless you with is more then just a safe life but other elf traits as well...


A better alertness, clearer thinking, sharper wit, wisdom, creativity, and friendship.


She can increase your happiness, aid you in thinking positive and give better knowledge and wisdom about the spirits, especially dragons!


She is best at protection and banishment magick.


She is wonderful around children and animals. 


Her new keeper will just love her, her kind nature, her protective nature and just everything about her! 


Her best means of communication are telepathy, emotions, pendulum, and through meditation.


If you have any questions please email me at


 I will send you her name and a bonding ritual!


 Her current vessel is a nicely made bracelet that will stretch to fit a wide array of wrist sizes.



Thank you for looking!