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Level 7 Female Puca - Family Guardian, Curse Breaker and Bully Blocker!


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Up for your consideration is a excellent newly conjured level 7 is a female Puca.

My coven and I conjured her to be powerful, possess vast abilities and to be very enjoyable with a kind nature towards humans.

A Puca is a shape-shift faery like creature who devotes its life to protecting its keeper and its keeper's family.

She is a rather talented shape-shifter who has so far manifest as a white moth, large white orb and a softly glowing mist.

You could not ask for no great warrior to protect you! Your Puca has the ability to predict dangerous situations and stop them from even happening!

A Puca makes a wonderful family guardian who can prevent major accidents and drives away people who wish to cause harm. With her in your life you and all that you love will be safe!

Not only can she break and block curses and hexes but she will also send them back to their original caster! She will make sure that anyone who attempts to harm you will never do so again by delivering psychic attacks, giving them feelings of regret & fear, causing loss in their lives and more. You enemy is sure to get their just karma.

She is a banisher of evil unbounds. She places powerful wards around your home and will send any evil unbound entity back to its original realm so that it will not cause any harm to your life. She was conjured to know and fully understand what unbound means you harm and what unbound cares about you.

She can prevent bad luck, nightmares, negative thoughts, loss and more. She will prevent you from being singled out by bullies and will provide you with the security that every human needs.

She can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions and a pendulum.

She will most often manifest as light blue orb or be felt as a cool flutter of air.

I will send her name to her new keeper.

Her vessel is a pretty cherry quartz stone pendant that is about 2" long.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!