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Level 7 Female Crocotta - Protects Entity and Spirit Family - Makes Spells and Wishes Manifest

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Today we offer a newly conjured level 7 Crocotta...This is an excotic entity of perfect devotion and magick.

She is perfect for anyone who seeks safety, protection, banishment of evil, and protection of your spirit/entity family...This race protects your most powerful entities...This will ensure they can get the job with no interference from harmful entities. If any interference happens while your servers are granting wishes he will instantly stop it.

In his true form she manifests as a large silver wolf-like creature that has a with large blue eyes. This race does not manifest often as they prefer to put their energy into their magick. However you may hear her move or see faint silver orbs. 

Her main abilities include:

~Protecting keeper’s spirits

~Cloaking vessels if they are not cloaked

~Strengthening spirits’ weak points

~Helping spirits complete tasks and grant wishes

~Protecting keepers family

~Helping keeper spirits reach their magickal potential. 

She does not tend to be very communicative with her keeper. However, when he does communicate it will be through emotions, pendulum and telepathy. 

Her current vessel is a lovely silver colored cuff bracelet with a small heart that has small sparking stones.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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