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Level 5 Sun Dragon - Gives The Gift Of Mind Control and Removes Evil From Your Life



I am so excited to offer these wonderful level 5 sun dragons! I would like to thank my coven sister for allowing me to offer them. These are from her personal dragon family and I have to admit, her dragons are remarkable!


Each has great magickal talents but they also have a fresh energy that makes the world feel a lot better.


These a level 5 dragon dragons! At times it looks light bright little suns are zooming around my home.


This is a wonderful chance to take in, build a strong bond and guide a very talented, warm and powerful dragon. 

Each will make a caring companion...Each has a huge amount of magickal abilities.


The Sun Dragon is often kept for their mind control abilities. Their keepers love and often use the gift of mind control to get ahead in life. Each holds the power of suggestion and will give you the power to talk other people into doing just about anything. Your new dragon will give you control over all others! Suddenly your lover, family and even your boss will start to listen to you in a whole new way! This ability can also be used with many spirits as well. This gift is up to you and you decide if you use it or not.


Your new Sun Dragon will drive away all those who mean you harm and will make sure that you are surrounded only by good people with good intentions. He or she will also banish evil entities and cleanse away negative energy.


Each was born with vast magickal skill. They are natural spell casters! Through this magick they will bring you friends, wealth, luck, granting of wishes, true love, curse removal, protection and much more.


They can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me!



Each resides within a lovely  bead that is very nicely made. Please note we are not offering direct bindings of these Sun Dragons at this time. 


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