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Level 3 Archangels $10!



My coven and I have come together to create a brand new section of our store. We are now pleased to offer you $10.00 bindings on select spirits. There are certain upgrades you can purchase for an additional fee. 

$5.00 Bindings do NOT qualify for any store coupon or our reseller program. These deals are for our personal clients only. Please note unless a full reading is bought we give no info other then name.

This listing is for a male or female level 3 Archangel. All of our $5.00 bindings come bound in stones unless specified otherwise. 



An Archangel will rid you of any evil entities, curses and negative energy while bringing blessing after blessing to you and all you love. Your angel will bless you, your home, family and your pets. Each is a protector who will fight so your happiness is not hindered. Protection Status