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Last Chance - Empress Khodam Rules Over and Commands All WA Entities

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I just realized this amazing bell's inventory had been moved to zero...This very rare Royal Portal Summoning...There are legions of WA spirits and entities you can call upon...These include Commander Angels and God level entities. Do not wait...One like this is not likely to be offered again!


Bell is still waiting for it's new keeper. t's been a white since we have had the chance to offer one of these! Today we offer the Empress Khodam summoning bell!

This old bell was used by my Grandmother and myself for many years. 

The Empress Khodam that oversees this portal is rather rare and rules over a kingdom which includes other royal khodams. This is truly the ultimate WA piece for any keeper.

This bell is for a person who wants to work with as many WA entities as possible. Ring this bell and WA entities will come. Even the most rare can come to your aid. As long as it is a positive entity who aims to help he or she can come to you.

The entities that you can summon include...All races of Angels, Fae, Creatures, Elves, Dragons, Devata's and several more Khodams
WA can possess powerful abilities. Some bring money, some get justice, some bring youth and even fame. With the wide array of entities/spirits that you can now work with you will have just about every human need met by these powerful forces! 

There are very powerful Wealth Devatas, Bronwyn Angels, Seraphim Angels and Royal WA Dragons...The the WA entity, even the rarest and it will be by your side instantly. 

This piece is very effective and very simple to use...Ring the bell and the best entity will come to you. If you are a person familiar with WA races then you can name the type you seek. If you are new name your wish and the right entity will come to aid you. You do not need to be of magick to use this piece...You must only be open to accept what it offers. 

This stunning bell is a very vast, large and endless portal.

This is not a binding portal but for your unlimited personal use. Once they give you the blessing you has have ask for they will return from where they came. Some may stay awhile and build a friendship with you. You will learn their names and their race. The ones you build a friendship with will come visit often. This is a very positive spiritual tool that always gives very positive results!

I will send the simple details on how to do this to the new possessor of this piece. If you do not wish for the entity to stay she/he will simply go back to where they came. 

This is a rare piece and to the person who feels this piece's pull many magickal gifts and entities are waiting for you! 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me. 

The bell is lovely...It's maybe 6" high, made of ceramic I believe and is blue and white in color.

Thank you for looking!