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Female Gaki - Extraordinary Gaki Of Wealth, Luxury, and Personal Gain

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Today we offer a female Gaki from a newer conjuring...She has an excellent energy and is very excited to be offered today...She is ideal for a keeper who wants to get ahead in life and stay there! 

In true form she manifest as a lovely women who looks to be in her mid-20s, stands 5’8” tall, has long red hair, big blue eyes, and a has a lovely curvy figure. She will most often manifest as shadows, orbs, or floral scents.

She is the safe personal gain spirit. She was conjured to bring money and success with no bad karma. 

Info about the Gaki is below.... 

You will soon have a life of wealth, good luck, success, youth, beauty and even fame! If you are a writer, actor or painter her luck will help you be a success. If you simply want to land your dream job she can put it within your reach. 

She can help you make more friends and even find more lovers. Whatever you want more of he will give you more of it! 

In life they had it all and always hungered for more. More money, more fame, more popularity, more beauty and more happiness. No matter how much they had they wanted more and they always got it. In spirit form they still crave these things however they have little use for them so they seek human companions who also desire these wonderful things. Once they bond with that human the blessings begin! They are tenacious in their work and they get what they want and happily give it to their human. 

The Gaki works best with a human who wants to change and who desires to move up in the financial world. You should desire life's finer things like nice cars, big houses, big bank accounts, major success, major power, drop dead gorgeous looks and even fame or popularity. 

She also possess sex, love, and beauty magick...She can help you become more attractive, noticed, desired, adored, and remembered...She can help return lost love or help you find new low. 

She can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during mediation, visions and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a bead. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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