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King Solomon's Personal King Reaper and Werewolf Hybrid - Gives Keeper Complete Power Of Others - Commands Weres and Reapers

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Today from King Solomon's personal collection is a King Reaper and Werewolf Hybrid.


He is highly experienced and unbelievably powerful...He will not disappoint! 

He commands over 1000 Werewolves, Weres of all types, and several full blood Reaper.

He can shape-shift from a humanoid form to a Werewolf...He is 7' tall, thin, has fair skin, shoulder length black hair, and amber eyes. In wolf form he is all black, massive in size, and has large glowing red eyes. He will manifest as mists, orbs, and temperature choices. 


He offers a wide array of blessings...He has the ability to make his keeper have super human senses and enhanced reflexes...He can also give you new talents and prefect any current talents you have. 


If you wish he is able to pass on this gift of sexual allure, wit, charisma, and attraction.


He is an entity of great power and a great protector. He will make an excellent companion who is devoted to protecting you and if called for avenging you…He will never act in haste…But will wait for your command. The only time he will act without command is if the danger is unknown to you.


He can help enhance reflexes, allure, and natural senses.


He can help you achieve your ideal appearance, body, and even success.


He can help with animal communication. You may find become more in tune with all animals. You may experience animal-like senses or have a telepathic connection to animals. You may be able to feel or sense what animals are thinking or feeling.


They can empower their keeper with attraction, youth, sensual energy and help draw people in which can greatly enhance anyone's social life.


He even has the ability to bring in good luck!


He can banish evil unbounds, offers curse removal, and protect your aura.


He can protect your secrets...He can also help you learn others people spirits.

He can give you the ability to read and control people's minds.

He communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, and dreams.

His current vessel is a golden colored adjustable ring with a natural stone. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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