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Just In! Baby Terra Dragons! Powerful Hybrids Seek Loving Keeper



Up for your consideration is your choice between a male and female baby Terra Dragon. Each is loving, powerful, and eager to bond.


Their ages range from a couple months old to almost three years old. The Terra Dragon is a hybrid of the Brass and Red Dragon. Each of these babies comes with a diverse set of abilities… They have the power—all they need is a keeper that will allow them to exercise it!


Being the keeper of a baby dragon is a special thing that can add fullness to your life. Your new baby dragon will grow in power each day and with each task he or she accomplishes for you.


Each of these entities has powerful wealth bringing magick. They helps keeper acquire money safely and easily. This money can come to you in a variety of ways…. Career success, luck in gambling, lotto success, high return on investments, higher wages, winning, power and much more! Over time, your baby can help in eliminating debt and aid you in living comfortably.


Both the red and the brass dragon have exceptional powers of persuasion. They can manipulate others into doing your bidding. People around you will respect, obey and admire you. Your new baby can also place thoughts in their minds and alter their emotions on your behalf. You will be blessed with control of nearly anyone!


Your new Terra dragon can and will be a big help to your social life. Each is a positive force and shares their positive energy with their keeper. This will draw people to you! You will find it easier to make friends, attract love, and form meaningful relationships. He or she can even help you strengthen bonds in your current relationships!


The blessings she can bestow upon you are limitless…. Terra Dragons bring love, luck, power, happiness and protection.


Each manifests and communicates in their own way. Orbs, shadows, mists and cold sensations are common with these entities. Each can communicate through pendulum and emotions. Some already have the ability to communicate during meditation and form a telepathic connection. Protection Status