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Just Cast! Full Coven Lucid Dream and Astral Travel Spell - With Added Protection!

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Astral travel has been growing in popularity and many have come to me asking of ways to help them achieve safe and true astral travel...For those of you who have asked we have perfected this spell for you.


This spell will prepare you for such travel, aid you in your travels, give you control while traveling and see that you are safe during travel.


We added a safety precaution...When we astral travel we leave our bodies behind. This can leave them open to a attack. This spell will protect your body so you can travel with complete peace of mind.


Just relax, let the magick flow and you will soon be visiting other cities, countries and realms...If the realm exist you can go there and have true experiences!


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


This spell is cast on a lovely glass with a silver lining. Recharging chains...We are no longer sending them as gifts...Some people tend to get upset because gifts are to short or flawed so we are only offering our stainless steel chains but we offering them at a record low price.


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