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Full Moon 3X Cast Wealth Spell! - Seraphim Angel Essence Spells - Can Bring Wealth, Fame, and Much Much More

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Today we offer one of the most wealth spells magick has to offer...Cast under July's Full Moon it's ready to manifest. 

This is a full coven 3X cast spell for the strongest, quickest results! We cast this spell by working with the most powerful angelic beings and placing their magick into this spell for you!

Essence spells are perfect for a person who desires the blessing of a certain entity but doesn't want to keep one. With Essence spells there is no bonding nor offerings that need to take place...Get all the magick and blessings without taking care of the entity!

What the Seraphim Angel Essence Spell offers the wearer is...


Creative Side Enhancement

Larger Cash


Adoration By Others


Removal Of Problems

Removal Of Negativity

Luck In Love

Complete Aura Cleansing

Youthful Appearance

Youthful Energy

Protection From Evil 

and Notoriety

The amulet is a lovely pendant that is silver in color and will come with a free recharging chain.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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