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Human and Spirit Bonding Box - Helps Build Strong Spiritual Bonds


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Today we are very excited and proud to offer these spirit and keeper bonding boxes!

Bonding with our spirits and entities is vital towards success. While nothing will replace personal time with you. one of these boxes makes a close second.

How to use these boxes is simple...Place your spirited vessel in the box with something personal of yours. A small lock of hair works perfectly. Anything that has your energy imprinted on it will help seal a bond while stored in this box with your spirit or entity.

These boxes are not to replace your personal one on one time. Bonding rituals are still needed. However if you can't wear the vessel or get to busy this will truly help you along.

When not used as a bonding box you can also use to it to recharge any spirit or entity.

Many people who have used this box have bonding to be easier, often faster and some time even deeper.

These are very large boxes! About 5x7" in size. The pattern may vary slighter.

You will get full and easy to follow instructions. This box works best with only one spirit at a time. However a lot depends on you! I have had great success with up to 3 spirits and entities at a time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking.