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Home Blessing Candle - Quick Removal Of Negative Energy - Draws In Positive Energy - Long Buring


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Today we offer a very basic but highly spell cast home blessing candle!

These long burning candles make wonderful offering for all entities and spirits of protection.

Each small votive candle has a full coven casting and when burned in your home make a huge magickal difference.

The spells cast on this candle are...

Weaken or banish unbounds

Banish negative energy

Restore a positive balance to your home.

Clears the way for better bonding, better spirit communication and more spirit activity with faster magickal manifestation rate.

By removing evil, negative energy/entities from your home you will soon find good things come easier. Blocks and barriers that have been holding you back in life will be weakened, or removed completely. This leaves room for only positive blessings in your work life, home life, spiritual life and love life!

You will receive one small light green candle. One candle is good for one home.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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