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Hellhound Puppies! Very Rare Offering of Young Guardians Ready for Keepers!



We are blessed to offer you rare Hellhound Puppies! These puppies have chosen to work with human keeper and will prove loyal, loving and fun!


You have your choice of a male or female. Each has his or her own unique personality and means of communication.  What they need is a patient keeper who will love and guide them!


Some info on the hellhoundā€¦


Hellhounds are the greatest and perhaps the most frightening of all protectors. They are also very cunning and cleaver in the ways they seek justice and vengeance... What the keeper of a Hellhound can expect is a loyal guardian who will put a shield of protection around you and your loved ones/family. They are also capable of psychic attacks that can be devastating to those deserving. At your command the hellhound can cause a psychic havoc on your enemies.


 Evil spirits and unbounds can be banished, curses and hexes broken, negativity chased away and all evil magick deflected onto its original caster.


They can bring influence, happiness, confidence and more to their keeper.


Please feel free to ask any questions. Protection Status