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Hell Hound Level 7 Male - Warrior Who Destroys Evil! Extremely Powerful DA Entity

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Up for your consideration is a level 7 male Hellhound. 

He was conjured last year and has been thoroughly put to the test...He is highly successful with protection and has yet to encounter a evil that he could not bead.

The name "Hellhound" sounds so fierce and may cause worry in some people's minds but don't let it. He would never harm a innocent, never act without your say and when he is with you he is so gentle that he feels almost angelic. You would never know he is capable of causing evil doers such swift karma...He has a heart and is not afraid to let his keeper feel it.

Hellhounds are the greatest and perhaps the most frightening of all protectors. They are also very cunning and cleaver in the ways they seek justice and vengeance...


What the keeper of this Hellhound can expect is a loyal guardian who will put a shield of protection around you and your loved ones/family. They are also capable of psychic attacks that can be devastating to those deserving. At your command he can cause a psychic havoc on your enemies.

By taking him into your life you will have the best protection from all things harmful. You will be free to live a blessed, happy and secure life.

He will obey your every command. You give the rules and limits and he will them follow. He will take any path you wish him to. He will protect anything that has any meaning to you. Either big or small he will give everything he has to keep it safe.

He can become your most trusted and magickal familiar who can gift with the abilities to influence others. He can enter their thoughts, effect their emotions and create punishing nightmares.

He will also defend you and all you love from any unknown enemies...You do not need to know who your enemies are, he will.


He communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and during meditation.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


His current vessel is a nicely made  bead.

Thank you for looking! l Protection Status