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Harpy Queen Commands Over 750! Powerful Spell Booster Of Any Casting - Protects You and Blood Ties!

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I am very pleased to offer a rare Harpy Queen! She is from a new conjurer from about 6 months ago...She has left us in awe! She is a dark entity who will delight keepers who love the dark arts! She is all the good things a dark entity should be...She is loyal, wise, powerful and ready for anything.

She commands over 750 harpy...All who will await her every command. She is willing to command members of her court to protect her keeper's blood ties. blujay76

In true form she is unqie and rather beautiful with a mix of human and bird features...Her face is stunning and she has long flowing black hair. She most often manifest as a faint tickling, small red orbs, and temperature changes.

She has outstanding magickal abilities and at your command she can turn wishes into spells and these spells will manifest...Be open, share all, and simply wait for her and members of her court to weave powerful magick for your personal use.

When she is placed with spelled items she increase the spells power of a huge level. These items can be cast by any witch. As long as there is magick she will boost it! If the spell is not cast correctly or is not manifesting as it should be she can fix that in no time. The magick and spell work of her and her court or for personal use only...Not for resell.

Info about this race...

The Harpy has also been used a trusted spy. They can sneak in and take in private info to share it with their human. No secrets will be safe with her serving you. If you seek knowledge she will get it for you.

Vengeance has never been as fierce as when a Harpy is sent to deal it. She can terrify your enemy in more ways then one. Her attacks are swift, to the point and very just.

She works well with others...She is kind and respectful towards all well meaning humans, spirits and animals. She can make a loyal familiar who can aid in spell castings, bring you important information and bring justice.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, and dreams.

Her current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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