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Harmony Spell ~ Ease Tensions Promote Goodwill Bring Peace & Strengthen Friendships



Today Blujays Haunted Magick brings you a triple spell for promoting harmony, peace and balance.


We have priced this offering low as everyone needs a little harmony in their life!


What this spell does…

This is a powerful energy spell that works with your energies and the energies of those around you. As the spell weaves into your life, you will notice people around you are less confrontational, more pleasant, more agreeable and overall kinder.


This is a spell that will guard you from the negativity of other people. It acts as a natural lure for positivity and happiness.


This spell has been known to ease tensions between you and others, promote friendship, strengthen bonds and boost group morale.


We have this spell offered for a variety of different situations as listed above. Each version of this spell is cast to fit a particular situation. If there is a situation you need harmony in that is not listed, please email me.

We also offer this spell with a variety of different vessels.


There is also an option for customization. You can give us your information and the information of the people or situation in which you need harmony.


Please email with any questions. Protection Status