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Handsome and Magickal Prince Khodam Seeks A Companion To Adore and Spoil!

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Today we are excited a level Prince Khodam...If you are keeper who wishes to be noticed, adored, loved, taken care of, and blessed this Prince is for you! While it's a sexual bond he seeks it somewhat of a romantic bond.

He is a true gentlemen who is affectionate and hard-working. He commands over 300 male and female Khodams and if you wish you can help him rule his court...You may even get to meet his Royal Family.

In true form he manifests as a very handsome man in his early 20s....He has short blonde, green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and stands 6'1" tall. He will manifest as lights, whispers, or soft touches.

About the Khodam...He is a very quick worker who will instantly go to work cleansing his keeper’s aura and removing blocks so that success will be easier.

He also strong success, good luck, career, and money magick. He can help remove debt, get a higher paying job, and have even cash to afford the luxuries in life.

His keeper will have unlimited wishes and each wish you make will come true just as you asked it to. A Khodam takes their keepers desires/wishes seriously and always delivers wonderful results.

They can bring you anything including but not limited to money, confidence, sexual appeal, power, inner eye gifts, success, luck, love, great spiritual wisdom, vivid astral travel and almost anything else you can dream of.
You can learn most people’s deepest secrets without even meeting them. You will possess the ability to know who is good and who is bad.

You may soon experience telekinesis, vivid visions and your inner eye will become open giving you a new insight of the spirit world and the spirits around you. He can give you peace and removing any negative energy or entities from your life. All blocks that are hindering your happiness will be removed and peace will be yours.

He can communicate by telepathy emotions, during meditation, visions, a pendulum, lucid dreams and visions.

Please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a bond silver colored ring with red stone. It's a size 8. 

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