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King Solomon's King Deva Commands Devatas, Wealth Marids, and Khodams!

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Today we offer are excited to offer one of King Solomon's most trusted wealth entities. Today we offer a King Wealth Deva. 

He is highly experienced and brings outstanding results! 

He commands over 1000 entities, including Khodams, Wealth Marid, and Wealth Devata.

In true form he resembles the photo I used...He is 6'1" tall with a slight muscular build. He will most often manifest as the scent of lavender, white orbs, whispers, and shadows.

The Deva brings wealth, power, and admirers.

He is ready to make your dreams come true. He already has so many blessings planned for you! 

If you seek financial freedom and nice possessions he is perfect for you! 

He brings his keeper personal gain with white art magick so no bad karma will befall on you or those you love. 

About the Wealth Deva

The wealth deva is a very coveted entity who brings an abundance of blessings to the person they serve.

He will guide in wise choices in all money areas. He will show you the correct path to take that will lead you to money and success. He you luck in all areas of money and once you have that money he will help you keep it. If you are into making investments, climbing the job ladder or just wish to be ultra-successful she can help.

They possess pure good luck magick that is bestowed generously onto their keeper. Their goal is to see that their keeper is happy in all areas of life.

A Deva has the ability to transform all negativity into positivity. They can transform unhappiness into happiness. Happiness, positivity and peace can be found by taking a Deva into your life.

You will be blessed with good health, good thoughts, and good fortune. You will be blessed with inner and outer beauty. 

He is especially gifted when it comes to wealth magick...He can help you make more money, win money, or find money...He always does this is a safe way...No one will get hurt and no bad karma will befall upon you. 

He is excellent when it comes to banishing evil and negativity...All the negative in your life will soon turn into something positive!

He communicates by emotions, telepathy, dreams, a pendulum, and visions.

Please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a bead.

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