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Habit Breaking Spell ~ Magickal Assistance To Help End Destructive Habits! Be the Best You Possible!



New to Blujay‚Äôs Haunted Magick is a spell to break bad habits! This is a simple 3X  precast spell to help you overcome a negative habit.


This spell frees you from a possibly destructive habit you may currently have to allow you freedom in your life!


Some examples of habits that this spell can aid you in overcoming include but are not necessarily limited to:


Negative thinking


Over using social media


Obsessive thinking

Forgetting about basic hygiene requirements (such as skin care)

Putting tasks off

Forgetting to exercise

And more!


This spell works to increase your willpower and energy to allow you to break negative habits. We are offering this spell for a very low price to help you become the best version of you!


Please note that while this spell has a HUGE success rate among my coven sisters and family members, this spell cannot replace a licensed physician or other medical professional. Protection Status