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Grandma's 39,894 Year Old Ancient Queen Pearl Dragon - A Healer and Bringer Of Happiness - Start Anew!

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Today we are excited to offer an Ancient Queen Pearl Dragon who was conjured by my Grandma...She was passed on to me and now she has asked to serve as well as greatly bless another.

In true from she is a stunning mid-size dragon with a pearl like hide and big pale blue eyes. She is most often seen manifesting as glowing white orbs and mists. She is 39,894 years old and vastly experienced. 

She commands over 800 magickal Pearl Dragons...Some who will interact with you if you wish it.

She has wonderful blessings to bestow upon her keeper...First she will create happiness! 

This race  is a very kind, very powerful healer. If you have trouble getting over an ex lover this race will mend your broken heart and will open your soul to the possibility of new love. Painful memories will be erased (if you wish them to be) and any emotional damage will be healed. He/she may be able to help depression and removes unwanted feelings of hate, regret and negative feelings. 

She can cleanse and repair even the most damaged of auras. A damaged aura will be repaired and she will even gift it a good cleansing allowing for opening of the inner eye and better luck in spirit communication!

She works very hard to make sure that you are surrounded only by positive energy and that there is nothing- spiritual or physical- hindering you.

You will notice an instant uplift in mood. She fills your home with positive energy and washes away the negative! You will be gifted with positive thoughts and will carry an aura of positive energy that will uplift the mood of your friend, family and co workers as well! 

Your new dragon is also skilled in creating glamours and illusions. She can make you appear more energetic, confident, and alluring to everyone and anyone! Being so skilled at creating illusions it is only fitting that he is equally as skilled in seeing through them! She will bless you with the ability to see into others' thoughts and souls so that you may know their true intentions. Have you ever wondered if someone is not being honest with you? Now you need not wonder for she will give you the ability to sense a lie!

Another ability she possesses is easing minor aches and pains. She is wonderful for people who get headaches, neck aches and backaches. She in no way is to replace a medical doctor or medications.

She can communicate by emotions, telepathy, visions, during meditation, and telepathy.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her current vessel is a very nicely made butterfly pendant with sparking wings...It's lovely, nicely made, and will come with the recharging chain pictured.

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