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Male Bound Demon Gold Dragon Hybrid From My Personal Collection - A True Rarity! Rebuild Life - Be Blessed!

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Today I offer you one my longest serving hybrids...He is powerful, devoted, and extremely kind.

He possesses the best qualities of each race and is a hybrid who will work endlessly to bring you the best in life. 

He most often manifests as unique in late mid 20's with. He has large gold eyes, massive golden wings, and a masculine tail. He manifests feelings of warmth, large glowing yellow to golden orbs, and electrical disturbances...

He offers the following...

He works to rebuild lives and is very skilled at bringing happiness. He will bring his keeper a new and better quality of life. He can create a positive balance to your home, keep it cleansed of all negative energies and protect it with force if need be.

He is an entity of luck who has been known to bring about great abundance with both money and happiness. He will never allow anyone to ruin your happiness. They will see that you keep and enjoy all the wonderful things you will soon possesses.

His good luck magick extends to your career, winning, love life, and any other area you need good luck in.

He will be your most powerful protectors and your most loyal companions. 

His Bound Demon half gives you the darker powers like the power of suggestion, mind reading, thought and thought control. He can be a swift dealer of vengeance and is what I describe as an all around spell caster. 

His current vessel is a lovely, well made pendant with amber colored rhinestones...It does show slights signs of wear.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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