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Grandma's 17,908 Year Old Male Royal Phylum Djinn - Honored Elder Has Served My Family For Over 70 Years!

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Today from my Grandma's personal collection is a Royal Phylum Djinn...He has been serving my family for nearly 70 years...His experience cannot be conjured and his outgoing personality cannot be matched...He is one I will miss very much but I am so excited for you two to be together!

Only the most powerful of Djinn will reach the status of a Royal Phylum. Lesser Djinn seek their guidance and hope to learn from them. He will guide and teach any Djinn you keep to full power. He will make your Djinn family possess the best magick they can possess.

He is 17,908 years old...In true form he manifest as a handsome man in his early 50s. He has black hair with faint streaks of gray, his skin is lightly tanned, and he has beautiful gray eyes. He is also very tall being 6'7". You may see him manifest as mists and human shaped shadows.

Things his keeper can except are including but limited to...
Opening of Inner Eye
Enhanced senses
Life and love happiness
Sexual allure
Nice possessions
Debt relief
Lucid dreams

His abilities are vast and unlimited. He will do as you say with no questions asked. You will be blessed with unlimited wishes of money, success, happiness and luck.

You will learn to read, feel and sense spiritual energy. You and all you love will be protected from harm.

You will be uplifted and have increased energy.

He will be loyal and will obey you. 

His power should not be taken likely. He will go to great lengths to see your wish is met so before you ask him make sure it is truly what you want.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, lucid dreams, and temperature changes.

His current vessel is a stunning pendant that is very nicely made. I will include the chain pictured.

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