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Golden Baby Dragons! Magickal Entities Seeking Loving Keeper! You Choose Male Or Female



Today my coven is pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Gold Dragon. Please note that we are not offering direct bindings on the baby entities. 


These babies are being offered separately and we have various available. Each one of these babies is promising in his or her power. Your new baby has a vast amount of unlimited potential… All they need is a loving keeper to guide them into their greatness. They are willing to learn from either a master or learn with a new keeper. Your journey with your new baby is just beginning!


The Gold Dragon is one of the most powerful races of White Art Dragons. They have a wide array of abilities that they can use to bless their keeper.  


Being a young dragon means they can be easily guided and you can take your new baby either way...Light or dark your baby will bring you many gifts.


Every one of these babies is extremely loving and completely devoted. They have proven to be very hard workers and will not disappoint you!


 The Gold Dragon is best known for seeking justice, aid in conjuring powerful spirits, granting wisdom, casting powerful spells, aid in casting your own spells, and attracting anything that will bring you good fortune or improve your life. They are very gifted in their magick and when you bring one of them into your life you will know what it is to be loved by a gifted entity.


Their means of communication vary from baby to baby. Their most common means of communicating are telepathy, pendulum, emotions, visions, and dreams. A couple of them also communicate by causing small temperature changes, audible noises and manifesting as orbs.


Your baby will come bound to either a bead or a stone. I will send you his or her info including age, and name if he or she is named. Protection Status