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Goddess Level Daemon - DA Spirit Who Specializes In Human Happiness and Pleasure

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Up for your consideration is a Goddess Level Daemon...If have been searching for a safe proven very powerful and loyal DA spirit you have found her.

In true form you will see a lovely women who stands 5'9" tall with long black hair, pale skin and large dark brown eyes. She looks to be 25 and will often manifest as a shimmering dark blue orb. Her new keeper may also smell fresh lavender and roses.

She is hard-working and dedicated spirit who brings great happiness to her human.

She is extremely sensitive to humans, understand loyalty, practice control and possess great wisdom. The one offered here is ideal! Never has an evil thought or action been done by her...Dark and clever, yes but never harmful towards innocence.

She has a kindness about her that many lack. She has the ability to deeply care for her keeper and that makes her very efficient in keeping you safe and happy. She can take the negative and change it in to something good. She can bring your life luck, wisdom, love, peace, happiness, success, protection and security. 

She can help you find life success and give you a life of perfect happiness.

She is a great protection...At a moments notice she can become a warrior who will keep you and all you care about safe. She will banish evil unbound entities and keep harmful humans away from you.

She can stop those who wish to hinder your happiness. She will deal swift and just karma to those who need it...She can issue psychic attacks that will not ease until those who have hurt you right their wrongs. She will not act without your okay. She will not deliver justice on her own. You must ask her to and may even give suggestions on what you would like her to do!

She also can help open your inner eye and increase your sensitivity to spirits. Above all she can be your most loyal companion who will bring out the best in you.  

She will work well with all your other spirits and will give her all to see that you are safe, happy and feel loved. 

She is wonderful with communication...She can be reached by emotions, telepathy, a pendulum, visions and  during meditation.

Her vessel is a ring she loves...It's completely costume with a faux blue stone. It's well worn and is about a size 7. However much she loves this vessel is she is willing to move to a new vessel for her new keeper.

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