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God, Royal or Commander Level Custom Conjuring - Bound Demon Hybrid - Your Choice Angel, Djinn, Fae, Kitsune or Dragon

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Many keepers have dreamed of possessing one and only a handful ever do.

The conjuring offered today is for the rarest of rare...The Demon Dragon Hybrid. Or The Djinn Dragon Hybrid...Now we are including Angel Bound Demon Hybrid - You chose the dragon, djinn or angel race too. 

This conjuring is for a God level hybrid of your choice. God level means your hybrid will command an entire realm which will include both purebreds of their races and other hybrids of their mix. These are the most post powerful of entities who offer the best and quickest results.

We do not conjure full blood bound demons...We only conjure Hybrids. We work very hard to ensure your DA hybrid is safe, devoted and very powerful. Your happiness with your hybrid is very important to us.

Possessing this hybrid is like holding the key to perfection. Their power and magickal abilities are endless. If there ever was an entity to aid his or her keeper become rich, famous and highly successful it is the Demon Hybrid.

What is it you seek in life? Sex, love, restored love, natural medium and psychic abilities? They can soon be yours!

Maybe you wish for your enemies to fail at all they do. Maybe you want to see then hurt and suffer as they made you suffer. Maybe you wish to rise above them and see the looks of jealously on their faces. With this unique Hybrid at your beck and call all this and more is waiting for you.

Our promise to you is to conjure the perfect hybrid who has no weakness. We promise he or she will be a safe, fast and hard worker. We promise this great entity will come willingly and be happy to serve you. We promise no bad karma will find you for all the wondrous personal gain you receive! We promise no innocent person will be harmed and that no harm will come to you or those you love.

If you are ready to leave normal and average behind then we are more then willing and honored to help.

We will conjure any level bound demon of your choice. You choose level and sex. You can also choose what dragon race and gender. My coven and I will take your info, your requests, desires and work hard to see that perfection comes to serve you.

This is not a instant or even a fast conjuring. This is a lengthy and difficult ritual that requires a full coven to work every night for 7 to 20 days.

What we need for you is your full name, birthdate, preferred vessel and what mix, level, gender you are looking for. During the conjuring time we will keep you updated every step of the way. I am very sorry but we do not offer rings for vessels.

Please note no entities with titles are offered in this listing...Examples like Cleopatra, Illuminati, or Solomon. 

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