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God Level Daemon Problem Solver - Newest Box Brings Quick Results


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Today we offer our lasted problem solving box! These are one of our most popular offerings are we always working towards offering new ones. If this is out of stock please be patient...I promise to offer more.

We personally created this and have been using it for almost 2 years. It has given very successful results, results that have been quicker then most.

The best Problem Solvers are the boxes with guardians...The box today is overseen by a God Level Daemon who specializes in problem solving. Before he was the guardian of this box he was one of my personal best problem solvers.

While bonding with him is optional I highly suggest it. If you do bond with him you have interaction and most likely enjoy his kind personality. In true form he is about 6' tall with a lean build, short back hair, ivory skin and large black eyes.

About the box...

Normally spells bring us things...This box takes them away. This is a true problem solver. Examples of problems that be solved are love problems, weight problems, curses, bad luck, career problems and more. This box has even helped solve skin problems!

We all have issues in our life  that we wish would just go away. This box will make them go away and make them go away fast.

This can rid you of high bills, debt, romantic problems, loneliness, sadness, anger, love, competitors, evil, curses, negativity, bad habits, and so much more. Naming all the problems this one box can take away would be a very lengthy description. Everyone's problems are unique. It will be easiest to say what it will not take away...

While it will take away people it will not kill them. The magick within this is not black magick. While they will be banished from your life or a loved ones life they will not or cannot be harmed.

This will not break up a happy family...If two people are truly in love the box will not break that up. However if there are problems within the relationship this box can free the person you want to be free.

This box cannot harm a innocent person or a child. It will not break up happily couples either.

All else is fair game...If it's in your way write it down, place it in the box and soon watch problems go away!

This is a powerful box and the magick with it will be constantly renewing it's self. There is zero upkeep on with this, no cleansing, no bonding and offerings needed (although offerings are always suggested). This is also unlimited so this can be passed on to your children and even to their children. This is also powerful enough to work on more then one problem at a time.

I will send the very simple instructions on how to use it.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

The box is is nicely very detailed decorated box...It's about 2"x2"

Thank you for looking!