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Gnome - Brings Popularity, Protects, Guides, and Teacher Of Astral Travel - Limited At Record Low Cost!

$49.99 $32.50


Up for your consideration you your choice of a female or a male Gnome! 

These magickal forces of nature should not be overlooked or dismissed as useless. They are superb with the ability to create and make kind fun companions! 

I offer each at a record low cost of only 29.99 each. I normally offer this high level of Gnomes at 49.99 Because of their price we are not offering direct bindings. 

A Gnome is a blessing to the one who keeps them and they possess vast magickal abilities that include guidance through life, your Gnome will aid you in making the right choices in life. 

They offer great protection, will ward away evil and guide you to safety. 

A Gnome can offer the gift of travel, you may see new worlds and other realms. They travel with you, keep you safe during your astral travel and always guide you home safely.

A Gnome can bring you luck in all areas of life. They can create friendships and even aid in restoring lost friendships. They can bring you great happiness and will always show you the bright side.

You will soon become empowered, more sensitive to the spirit world and awake each day with feeling of peace. The right Gnome can help you become the best person you can be.

A Gnome is a very loyal companion who will makes themselves known...You may see a sprinkle of lights, bright orbs or even feel their warmth. They are never mischievous and are always loving. They are wonderful around children and animals! 

If you have been looking for something exciting and new then a Gnome may be perfect for you! 

I will send your Gnomes name and a simple bonding ritual.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

I will send you the Gnome that I feel is a good match for you. 

Each resides with a nicely bead. Please note the bead will vary from the one in the photo.

Thank you for looking. Protection Status