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Full Moon Elf and Fairy Manifesting and Offering Energy Sphere - Helps Fairy and Elves Manifest!


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Offered today is what my coven and I call a energy manifestation sphere. 

The color or the pattern of this sphere may vary, 

This one was created just for your Elf and Fae entities/spirits. It was created with the correct energy that they need thrive off of. This energy is a great way to give thanks for the blessings they gift you. It also works well to aid them in becoming more active which will lead to more encounters as well as clearer manifestations. For those of you who want to give only the best offering to your angel entities this is it!

This is something all keepers should have! If you desire to see more from the spirits you keep you have found the right offering. This will also work for the angel guides and protectors that are natural to you...The ones that have always been and will always be with you.

This simple stone ball is a powerhouse of energy. Having this in your home can aid in more vivid manifestation of your entities. Any type of Elf and Fae spirit can use the energy provided by this magickal piece. The result is more paranormal activity and spiritual manifestations.

What you see will vary but the most common sights are orbs, mist and shadows. These are most easily seen during the night or in a darkened room.

To use this is simple...Keep it in any room of your home and your angels will flock to it and thrive from it's energy. Soon more paranormal happenings will be afoot in your home.

Just one sphere can cover an Elf and Fae spirit family! No matter how many you spirits/entities you keep just one sphere is more then enough.

While this sphere was spelled to work best for all types/races of angels other entities have enjoyed it as well. However it's energy is aimed at Elf and Fae. I use one of these each day and several of my other White and Gray entities benefit from it as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

You will receive a small round sphere that is about 3/4" to 1" all the way around. The size does not effect the energy of this piece. The color may differ from the one pictured. Please note the stand is not included...However I do normally try to send one. If I cannot please understand. Color may vary slightly.

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