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Full Moon Casting Spirit and Entity Sensing and Communication Pendant

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Some people have a natural gift and can easily see and communicate with the spirits. Others have a more difficult time experiencing strong paranormal activity with their spiritual items. 

These are newly custom casting by my coven and I. This is full of powerful magick/energy...As a bonus we added boosting under the full moon which made this already powerful spell even more powerful! 

This is a nicely made blue and white stone pendant. It is a about 2" in size and is in very good condition. 

We create this so that they may open your inner eye in a safe manner. These will gently open your inner eye so there will be no negative side effects. These work in harmony with you!


My coven and I have perfected one of our most powerful spells to help open your medium/psychic abilities to help you connect with the Spirits around you. 

My coven offers something rare and I am very pleased they have agreed to aid me with this spell. This opalite pendant will bless you the abilities to know when spirits are near you and even allow you to know what they have to say! 


This pendant has a great success rate with safely opening the inner eye and promoting communication through feelings and through sharing emotions. For many many years people have been blessed and have fallen in love with this spell.


My coven and I have been together since our early teens and have a very high success rate. Please only consider these if you are really ready to feel, see and sense the spirit world on a in depth level. 


If you are the wearer of this pendant we highly recommend a bonding type ritual to blend the magick with your energy. Details will be sent to you and I will be here to offer all the guidance and help you may need but I assure it's simple. 

This also have a protection spell to keep you safe from evil spirits. Only well meaning spirits can come through. 

For the best results we need you to believe and to be a positive force. You must meet all magick with a open mind and a open heart. We need your beliefs to match are own. You must believe in magick and spirits. People who have doubt in their hearts may have limited success with this spell. For those of you who believe a whole new outlook on the spirit world and the spirits within it await you. 

If you have any questions please let me know. 

Thank you for looking.