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May's Full Moon Book Of Wealth - Wishing Book Of Success, Wealth, Career, Good Luck, and Massive Success!

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Offer by popular demand is our best selling wealth wishing journal since 2006!

This particular book was cast under the full moon...The Full Moon is one the most powerful of nights to cast for wealth and renewal...The book is alive with potent sull moon magick and energy! 

This is our popular Wishing Book Of Wealth!...We harnessed the magick of the full moon to give to this book...This is an extremely powerful book of wealth!

International clients...Shipping is 28.99 Price given is for US clients only. I apologize for the increase in international shipping...Even at our raised shipping price we still pay out of pocket for most international orders. 

This book is almost ready to ship...Now we are offering an alignment to your energy! 

This book is coven created by using natural magick, natural elements, and over 25 years experience. This book was created on one of the most magickal nights and was created to grant wishes of wealth, success, and life prosperity. 

Today I offer the Yule Money and Success Spell Cast Book! My coven and I offer several different types of books that are prespelled. This means they come to you, you write down your wishes and the book's unique magick does the rest! 

This is the original wishing book...Since we first offered these in 2006 many people have tried to offer their own wishing books...Our magick cannot be duplicated! Our books are meant for the users personal use...Any spell or wish made within the book will only work for the user...The wishes are not for resell in any way...We cast these to work only for one person!

This one was cast on Winter Solstice during the Yule season, meaning more power, more energy and faster manifesting of your wealth, success, career, and personal gain wishes. Please allow a extra few days to prepare this. Most books ship within 7-10 business days. 

This type, this level and for this purpose is a first in our store. Needless to say we are so excited to offer them :)

These wishing books are some of our most successful wishing books. We take great pride to ensure they bring the user massive good luck, money, success and the ability to win. 

The booked offered today is perfect for anyone who is in love or wants to have financial freedom. It's ideal for anyone who wants to get ahead in life, pay bills, buy nice things and be free of financial burdens. This book is a blujay magick original. 

Anything that earning money, finding a dream job and owning nice things can be had by using this book.

Examples are...Getting a raise, winning lotto or gambling, promotions, landing a dream job, removal of debt and buying luxury items. Nearly all things money related can be given by writing it down within this very powerful book.

To use is simple...Write down what you want, for example...If you want a promotion to try something new write it in the book and give some details on what type of pay you hope for.

I will send more instructions on how best to use this book.

Please note, there are limits to what this book will bring you. No one will be hurt, killed or destroyed to give you personal gain.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

The book is about 5"x 7" in size, dark green soft leather, and very very nicely made. The book you get may vary slightly in color from the one pictured.

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