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Pink Super Moon Casting - Be A Star Spell! Possess Charm, Wit, Charisma and Allure - Most Powerful We Have Offered


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Today we are excited to offer our Be A Star Amulet! This amulet was cast under the recent Pink Super Moon...The energy and magick from this moon is amazing...It's radiates energy and will bring quicker, truer, and more noticeable results

This is a 3X cast full coven casting.

Carrying this amulet will bless you with charisma and will get you noticed!

Please note the amulet may vary.

This powerful spell will give you the ability to stand out in a crowd, be envied, be loved, be adored, be desired and be worshiped.

You will experience better, quicker wit and possess an alluring charm that people can't help but love.

This one little amulet can help your social life, career life and your sex life!

The amulet is a silver colored eternity pendant that has small red sparkling stones...It will come with the chain pictured...It's very nicely made. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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