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Full Moon 3X Cast Goddess Aphrodite's Spell of Love Beauty Youth & Confidence Magick That Works! Stunning Amulet

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Up for your consideration is our most powerful confidence, empowerment, beauty, success spell to date! Cast by us for you using the guidance of the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite herself. 

These are our latest casting.

This is normally a 79.99 item but since many of you are new to my magickals or site I am offering it at only 39.99 This is my favorite spell for ladies...I live by it! 

This is a custom created casting offered by my coven and I! This is one item I have depended on for many years.

This spell was cast for any women who feels she could use help in life. If you ever felt held down or controlled. If you feel you lack confidence or are being degraded, insulted or unappreciated this spelled pendant can turn the tide of events in your life. 

Soon after possessing it you will be able to step up and claim your life as your own. Your confidence will soar. You will be empowered to be the strong, beautiful women you are. The new you can become more attractive and desirable. Love, happiness and success will naturally come to you. You will be noticed and respected by those who have held you back or ignored you. 

My coven and I are very proud of this latest spell and being a coven of all women we know what to add to fit a women's needs. Whatever you just need a boost in life or a complete turn around this spell will help you be the best you can be and shine the brightest you can shine. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

This spell was cast upon a nicely made silver stone pendant...The stones are lovely and sparkle perfectly! May vary slightly. 

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