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Full Glass Spell - Spell Brings Positivity, Peace and Removal Of Negativity

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Today my coven and I are very excited to offer you a brand new spell! This is a simple but very effective spell.


We call this white art spell the “Full Glass Spell”. We named this spell from the saying “Is this glass half full or half empty?” This spell is meant to help make you a happy person and see the glass as always being full.


It does this in a variety of ways….

Removing negative emotions


Attracting positivity


Promoting happiness and peace


Bringing blessings into your life


And more.


This spell works to help you see the positive things that surround you… You will be blessed with a renewed awareness of all of the good in your life. Jokes will seem funnier, sunsets brighter, skies bluer, people friendlier, and everything better!


This spell is meant to make you happier. It helps you to overcome the negative and see the positive. Once this spell merges with your energy your life will improve for the better!


We have this cast on an array of colorful beads. We also offer this as a direct casting.


Let me know if you have any questions. 

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