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Full Coven Inner Beauty Spell - Allows Others To See How Beautiful You Are On The Inside!


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All spell caster's have beauty spells, as do we. However most of the beauty spells that are offered are for outer beauty. This spell is so that others will see you're inner beauty!

This full coven casting will allow others to get past your outer appearance and see the inner eye...The stunningly beautiful heart you will have will glow for all to see, admire and love. 

The more kind and good you are on the inside the more beautiful all people will see you as.

Men and women will admire you for who you are, not how you look.

So many people have such unique inner beauty and wearing this bead will let others see just how beautiful you are. New friends can be made, love can be awakened and new love can be found!

If you find yourself lacking in inner beauty this spell will help you find it and create a new kindness within you.

This spell is offered at a low introductory cost...For a limited time they are offered at only 9.99!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

We cast this spell on a lovely glass bead that is very nicely made. The colors are light, pinks, blues and light greens. The style may vary slightly.

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