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Full Coven 3X Cast Will-Power Spell For Weight Loss, Life Control, Health, and Every Other Aspect Of Life!


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Today I offer a full coven casting of will power spell.



This spell was cast to give the wearer strength in all areas.



Just a few of the benefits are...


Will power to stop overeating


Will power to exercise


Will power to resist overspending


Will power to over come someone or something


Will power to take control over your life


Will power to stop smoking


Will power to break many bad habits



This blesses the user to resist temptation and lead a healthier life.



Like all spells this does need to be met in the middle. You must have the desire, drive and determination to work along with the magick.



If you have any questions please feel free to email me.



For this casting we used a stunning half moon rose quartz pendant. It will come with a matching recharging chain. 



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