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Fu Dog Pair * Honored Spirits of Protection Wealth & A Peaceful Life


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Today I offer a mated male/female Fu Dog pair. They are loyal spirits seeking a keeper to love and protect. Their protection and magick will spread to your entire household! Everyone within your home will benefit from their magick, but this pair will answer only to you. They will be fiercely loyal and devoted to you as their beloved keeper. 

In true form they manifest as large entities that have the features of both lions and canines. The male has dark green fur and a striking crimson and white colored mane and tufts on each of his four legs. His eyes are golden. The female has a paler green coat with a pure white mane and maroon-colored eyes. Both are large and imposing in appearance but will be extremely loyal to you!
They communicate well through pendulum, emotions, meditation, telepathy and dreams. They manifest as vibrations, shadows, shimmering orbs, soft knocking sounds, and random positive emotions. 

They are perfect for any level of keeper. The Keeper of a Fu Dog Pair is truly blessed!

Info about this race. 
The Fu Dog is an ancient Chinese Guardian Spirit. They are also known as Chinese Guardian Lions. They are intelligent and dutiful guardians who can stand guard over your home or walk beside you and protect you from evil! This pair brings with them positive energy, prosperity and protection!

The Fu dogs can also bring about wealth and good luck. While they repel the bad, negative and evil they bring in massive amounts of good luck.  

They are ideal for you if you wish to live your life in peace. The Fu Dog acts as a guardian against all that is negative.

 This race naturally wards away evil spirits. Any spirit that means to harm you or yours will quickly be removed. Usually, just the presence of one of these guardians is enough to keep evil at bay, but your pair of Fu Dogs will never hesitate to go into battle to protect you. They are fierce warriors who do not tolerate threats to their keeper’s safety and happiness! 

You will find that your new Fu Dogs will protect your spirituality in many ways. They can shield you from psychic attacks, block curses, deflect hexes, prevent spiritual parasites from attaching to your spiritual bodies, and prevent negative energy from accumulating in your chakras and on your aura.

The Fu Dog also shields their keeper against negative energy. They can quickly cleanse you of any excessive negativity! With these guardians at your side, you will no longer have to battle the unpleasantries that prevent you from living a free and full life.

During times of peace your new Fu Dogs will work as bringers of wealth and prosperity! They can bring wealth through the discovery of treasures, luck in gambling, promoting a high return on investments, improving career prospects and more!

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