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From Me and Grandma's Personal Collection - King Ajatar

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We are very excited to offer you King Ajatar!

This great King was passed on to me by my late Grandma...He knows he is needed elsewhere so it's with great pride I offer him to one lucky person.

He commands a large court of over 800, all of which will serve you on his command...This is a powerful and experienced court!

In true form he mostly manifest as human…He looks to be 40, has wavy brown hair, gold eyes and ivory skin. He will manifest as orbs, touches, energy and nature based scents.

About this race...

This race is are masters of the DA. They are perfect for keepers who need energy and motivation…

They are also remarkable and very skilled wish granters. They can grant all kinds wishes…Love, money, happiness, sex wishes, youth, protection and justice wishes.

Their justice and karma magick is fierce and they can truly make enemies have great regret…Loss of happiness, loss of relationships and even loss of jobs can happen to the person who dark try to harm their keeper in anyway.

They can also help in spell casting and boost old spells…Spells that have aged can be renewed, boosted and manifest!

He can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, a pendulum, dreams and visions.

If you have any questions please email me at

His vessel is an older gold colored ring that is a size 7. It has one large sparkling rhinestone and several smaller rhinestones with black enamel. There is signs of wear but it's still a lovely ring in good wearable condition. 

Thank you for looking!