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FREE With Any Purchase! Rainbow Spell - Get 1 Major Surprise Blessings In 12 Months - Ship Fee Applies - One Gift Per Order

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This weeks free gift is one of our most popular spells...Free with any purchase is one our famous Rainbow Spells!

Please read...

Only one free gift per order

Ship fee applies

Must be added to cart at checkout

No direct castings. 

This spell is one of our most popular and most successful spells...We work nightly to ensure we almost always have these to offer.

This is our powerful 1 surprise blessing version of this spell!

The Rainbow has become our most popular as well as most success spell. Today we offer this spell on the most popular amulet! 

These are a blujay magick original offering. People may steal our listings or duplicate this spell but it cannot be done! It's one of a kind and can only be found here on our site.

Since we have been offering these spells the reports are coming in...Many users have won money, there has been one marriage and several new relationships! Our clients love our Rainbow Spells :) The Rainbow Spell is a blujay Magick original creation. 

Up until today we only offered these as direct castings...However we realize not everyone likes direct castings so we offering this popular spell in a precast form. This is a full coven 1X cast spell that will bring you one unexpected and downright amazing blessing! 


This is a fun spell with a unique purpose… To bring you one major unexpected blessings within the next year! This spell is perfect for yourself or as a gift for a friend. 


People who have had this spell cast on them in the past have experienced blessings such finding a new love, coming into a large sum of money (safely!), meeting new people, winning, being promoted, and a number of things!


We have these cast on stones and beads...Which amulet will vary. 

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