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FREE Pink Dragon With Order Of 25.00 Or More - Exceptional Entities! One Gift Per Order Ship Fee Applies

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Today we offer a level 3 to a level 4 Pink Dragon!

Offer is good while supplies last.


Please be experienced as we only send name and age of dragon.

Order must be for over 25.00 after coupon and shipping.

Shipping fee does apply 

No directs on gifts.

Not meant for resell

These dragons are between a level 3 to a level 4. They range in age from 300 to 1000 years old. 

Please note the bead is just an example of the bead you will get. 

They will bring happiness to any keeper. Young or old, new or advanced you will adore your new entity.


About the Pink Dragon!


They are outgoing dragons who enjoys people and other spirits. With him/her near you any anger or hate will be replaced with feelings of happiness and love. Bad things that have haunted your entire life will forgotten. His/her positive energy is uplifting and he creates happiness where ever he goes. This is one of the most loved traits of the Pink Dragon and he/she is more advanced then most.


What the keeper of a pink dragon can expect is a entity of clarity. You dragon can aid you in making the right choices. He can put you on the path that will lead you to good things. He will aid you in making the right choices with friends, finding friends or lovers and even business decisions.

He/she can ease any fear you have of the future and with her gift of magick can make your future a brighter, happier one.

Your pink dragon can help open your 3rd eye, show you vivid visions, enhance sensitive abilities, read spiritual energy and understand the spirit world.


Your pink dragon also offers a great companionship that will grow and blossom with each passing day. A pink dragon is able to love and care for their keeper on a deep level. They are warm, kind, loyal and gentle...A pink dragon is an emotional healer who can lift your mood and bring you happiness.


A dragon's best means of communication is by telepathy or through mediation. However each bond is different so you may know your dragon another way.

The vessel may be a bead or a stone! Protection Status