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FREE Spelled Altar Bell With Purchase Of 25.00 Or More - Limited - Ship Fee Applies


This item is out of stock


Good while supplies last is one free, very useful little altar bell.

Shipping fee does apply.

Only one per customer

Order must be at least 25.00 after discounts.

I am very excited to offer this most magickal of altar bells!

This is a full coven casting and is offered for the first time at a super low introductory price.

This rustic little bell is spelled to be a very useful tool...

What this bell can do for you...

Ringing it before any ritual can call your spirits to your altar and will give you their complete attention.

Ringing it before a bonding ritual will instantly remove any negative energy that may hinder bonding...This bell was created to really help boost bonds!

If you lose a spirit or entity you can ring the bell to call them home.

There is also spell and spirit boosting spell cast upon this bell...Any spirit or spelled amulet that is placed next to it will be energized and boosted. Any spell or ritual you preform next to it will be stronger and can even manifest sooner!

Free your altar of all negative energy, call spirits back to you, boost spells and create your own magick, all with the ring of a bell!

The bell you will get is small, about 2" The bells are made to look rustic.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!