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FREE Level 5 Tampi With Order Of 25.00 Or More - Ship Does Apply - One Free Gift Per Order

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We are very excited about this freebie! While supplies last we offer one free level 5 tampi of our choice with any order over 25.00 (After Discounts)

Please be experienced as we only send name and gender as info.

Free gifts are not for resell

Shipping does apply

Please only add one free gift per order.

Cannot be added after checkout.

Tampi's offer life renewal and life happiness. Many positive changes and blessings are in their keeper's near future.

Attraction of prosperity

Uplift in mood

Good luck

Removal of negative emotions

Attraction of friends

Attraction of love

Removal of blocks and negativity

Strengthening bonds between you and your spirits

Strengthening of bonds between you and loved ones

Returning lost connections (friends, lovers)


Removal of most curses

Anti-aging and age reversal magick.

If you have any questions please email me at

They can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, lucid dreams and a pendulum.

The vessel is a small stone.

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