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Free Level 4 Waif Fae With Purchase - SHIP FEE APPLIES 1 PER ORDER

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Free with any order over $15.00 is a level 4 male or female Waif Fae of our choice.

Only one free gift per order.

Ship fee applies, no direct bindings

Not for resell

Must be added to cart at checkout

Please me experienced as we only send name, gender, and candle color with free gifts.

This race of Fae is the most powerful race of Fae.

Honestly no other Fae can compare to the power of the Waif. They are great for people who have a hard time sensing spiritual energy!

What you can expect is a vibrant loving Fae who wants to seal a bond. Each greatly enjoys interaction with their human companion. They bless their keeper with willpower, energy, endurance and offer release from stress. The aid in good health of the mind, body and soul. The remove negativity and replace is with it with positivity.

They help you fix current problems and prevent new problem from forming. If it's just been one problem after another the Waif Fae can turn that around!

You will feel stronger, have more energy and a greater desire to accomplish all goals!

A Waif Fae can manifest as a small bright orbs in an array of color. Their energy can be felt be most people. It's a very positive energy that is warm and uplifting. When they manifest in true form you may be surprised to see how tiny the Waif Fae is. Their wings are very large though and they are very beautiful. 

I will send you you Fae's name and a bonding ritual. 

Your new Fae can communicate by telepathy, visions, emotions, during meditation and a pendulum.

The vessel will be a small stone or a bead. 

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