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Free with a purchase of 10.00 or more is a level 3 Cin of our choice.

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Please be experienced as we only send name, gender, and candle color. We do not send offering info, appearance info, or personality info.

About this race.

This is a shape-shifting race so they can manifest in the form of small animals or even change their eye or hair color. 

This race of Fae can be active and will make their self known by creating an array of appealing scents, moving small items, and temperature changes. If you have a preference let her know.

About the Cin Fae...Cin fae are a race of Turkish Fae who are vastly magickal. They work with gray magick and will bestow you with many blessings so long as you show them kindness. Working with this race of Fae can be very rewarding both blessing wise and companionship wise.

They have powerful magick that she/he can use to help you succeed in all areas of life. Each is gifted in the areas of finances! They can help their keeper with money in safe ways. They can remove debt, create job success, and promote a positive cash flow.

Each can help you develop your psychic senses and see into other's thoughts. You will know what they are thinking and planning and will be able to outdo them every time! Besides gaining the ability to read minds you will also be blessed with the much coveted ability to influence them as well! Tell your lover what you want without saying it, make your boss think highly of you and even place fearful and doubtful thoughts into your enemies' minds!

Each is a magnet for opportunity and good fortune. They can lead you onto the path of success and remove any barriers that interfere. 

You will be noticed by powerful and influential people.

Eacj possess the abilities to produce minor glamours and hide flaws. They can make you seem more attractive, graceful, and alluring which will greatly boost your self-confidence!

Each  can communicate by emotions, visions, dreams, a pendulum, and telepathy.

We will send your Fae is a bead or a polished stone.

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