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FREE Level 4 Gargoyle With Order Over 20.00 - Ship Fee Applies - PLEASE READ

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Offered today with any purchase of $20.00 or more is a leve 4 Gargoyle of our choice.
Please READ
Shipping fee does apply
No Direct bindings
Must be experienced as we only send name, gender, and offering choices...No other info on appearance or abilities is sent.
Not for resell but may be given as gifts.
One per order
Must be added as checkout. We are unable to add after checkout.

About the Gargoyle...

Each is proven. trustworthy and more then able to banish a wide array of evil and negative entities. We have males and females just waiting for you :)

This race offers some of the best protection against hexes, negativity, curses, evil spirits, hateful humans, and anything that wishes to harm you.


Your new Gargoyle will communicate with you through a variety of different ways. Lucid dreams, visions during meditation, pendulum, emotions, and telepathy.


Your new Gargoyle will come bound in either a quality glass bead or a stone. 

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