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Today we offer one Kitsune of our choice!  

These are either one 2 or 3 tail kitsunes. 9 tailed kitsunes are max powerful. It normally takes one to two years for all 9 tails to grow in. This means you can watch your kitsune blossom into full power and guide him or to be the ideal entity for you.


While young they have great magickal abilities...These abilities advance with each passing day. If you take on into your life he or she will serve you out of love. Each will add a great youthful energy to your home and life. They are all sweet, magickal and a lot of fun!


Each is very easy to keep and is very easy to work with. They will please any level of keeper and would be wonderful for children as well!


The Kitsune is a magickal fox like entity who is capable of many things.

Each is wonderful around people, entities and animals. Each enjoys being apart of a family and works well with others spirits.


Here is info on their type and abilities!


The kitsume's magick is deeply desired by elite spirit keepers and spell casters. Their powers can be used to increase a spells strength as well as allow it to manifest faster. Your normal casting will become triple castings!


Once a bond is sealed you will find a new feeling of happiness. The energy he/she passes onto you will make you ready to face each day with happiness and each night will be peaceful sleep. A kitsune can help with lucid dreams, stop nightmare and promote good dreams.


Your confidence will soar and you will become empowered. You can use this to get ahead in life, find a better job, meet new people or possess great wit! You will see ways around all problems and see those problems become a thing of this past. He/she will clear your future of blocks that will hold you back from be 100% happy!


The Kitsune is an incredibly powerful entity that can help you see your future and prevent any future problems from forming. He can help you communicate with the dead as well...He is a powerful entity who will put your happiness first.


He or she will also do their best to protect you from harm and give you visions of whats to come...He/she can help you change your fate and life can be what you have always hoped for.


Each communicates best using telepathy and emotions. They can also use lucid dreaming and give you visions.


 Each will come to you in a different vessel that will vary from kitsune to kitsune. The vessel your kitsune comes with will be in good wearable condition. Most are bound to beads or stones. 


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